Monday, July 27, 2009

Executive Vice President Charles Chang Reflects on 13 Years of Dedicated Service

Min-Sheng VP Charles Chang returned from the US 13 years ago to join the Min-Sheng Health Care System. He worked on branch development, reaping excellent results. He said that he would prefer to be like fire and burn for a short time and then disappear than be like dust sitting on the ground forever.

Min-Sheng’s VP Chang has an impressive background filled with executive experience. During his first month on the job, the hospital faced major obstacles, such as water, food and electricity shortages, and wage cuts. Owing to his wisdom and experienced, he resolved these problems one after another. He also led the hospital to the JCI, ING, and SOP periods. Finally, he spearheaded the system’s green initiative.

VP Chang learned a lot from Yi-Jen Hospital, approaching the job as if he were a soldier. He lived in the hospital for three months, ensuring that he was there when needed, especially in times of crisis. Additionally, VP Chang promotes volunteer work at the hospital and active business community resources, including government agencies, NGOs, and business organizations. He stressed that in addition to the medical profession, that Min-Sheng Group is also actively diversified into non-medical industries in order to create strong social resources and promote the efficient use of system resources.

Through entrepreneurship, growth, and changes, VP Chang states that you can never climb to the sky, but you can always climb over the mountain. VP Chang intends to continue to lead the system’s integration into internationalization, as well as to lead Min-Sheng in its pursuit of excellence, thus creating a more valuable organization.

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