Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quality of Care Reaffirmed through Interdepartmental ISO 9001 Certification

In accordance with its plans of attaining JCI reaccreditation in July, Min-Sheng recently obtained the ISO 9001 International Certification. The certification affirms that the hospital meets international standards of high quality management systems. The evaluation included a written review, as well as field visits by an SGS assessment team composed of medical experts.
Min-Sheng’s testing center first received ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 15189 certifications in 2003. This year, the hospital intends to extend the ISO 15189 certification to 120 different centers. All testing center facilities are in accordance with certification standards and a comprehensive management program has already been established. The program has been incorporated into the laboratory, the Medical Imaging Division, and the Pharmacy Department. The program promotes the awareness of quality to ISO standardization and the maintenance of quality care.

Min-Sheng has continually provided user friendly, high quality medical care in recent years through various types of national and international accreditations, including the Regional Teaching Hospital accreditation, JCI accreditation, and JDSC-AMI international certification. These certifications not only integrate domestic and international health care standards, but will also ensure the hospital maintains world class standards of care.

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