Sunday, June 28, 2009

Min-Sheng’s Dr. Zheng: A Paradigm of High Quality Health Care

According to the Bureau of National Insurance, in Taiwan, the so called “Kingdom of Dialysis,” the first 5 of the country’s largest 20 outpatient clinics are dialysis centers. Min-Sheng’s dialysis center has entered into a strategic alliance with the world’s largest health care provider in order to offer high quality patient care services. In turn, this will foster Min-Sheng’s good reputation and provide international visibility.

The outstanding success of Min-Sheng’s renal dialysis center can be attributed to its director, Dr. Zheng. Dr. Zheng began as a renal physician at Min-Sheng more than twenty years ago, and in that time, he has served as both director of internal medicine and as vice president of Min-Sheng’s flagship Jin-Kuo campus.

Led by cooperation between Dr. Zheng’s kidney center health care team and Asia Pacific companies, the Min-Sheng dialysis center has been supplied with the high quality 4008-S dialysis machine and the biocompatible Polysulphone. Through the strategic alliance, although having already achieved a status of world class health care, the service amount has continued to grow in multiples. Dr. Zheng stated that Min-Sheng’s kidney center strives to construct a platform of market indicators. He also pointed out that Taiwan has a lot of dialysis patients who suffer through daily dialysis treatments. He emphasized that his team provides professional and humane care to each of its patients in order to achieve the best therapeutic result.

In the end, Dr. Zheng stressed that the purpose of medical institutions is not profit, but to change lives. He concluded that the key factors in the success of the kidney center were the full support of senior management and all health care colleagues.

On the verge of accepting an assignment at St. Paul’s Hospital, Dr. Zheng said that he won’t forget to return to the medical aspect of his duties because at the end of the day, he is simply a doctor. He added that doctors need to remind themselves at all times that the duties of a good physician are a dedication to health care, adherence to high quality care, and a sincere concern for the continued health of mankind.

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