Sunday, October 17, 2010

Min-Sheng General Hospital receives Gold Award for English Service

Min-Sheng general Hospital was presented with the Gold Award for English Services by the Executive Yuan, the of the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The award is given to Taiwanese institutions and businesses that offer English-friendly environment and service to their patrons, following a thorough investigation by the China Productivity Center that includes on-site visits by English speaking foreigners.
Min-Sheng General Hospital embarked several years ago in a program aimed at turning the hospital into an international center of excellence. An International Health care Center was established to lead and assist in the changes, and become the service platform between Min-Sheng and its international patients and partners. Foreign patients at Min-Sheng General Hospital will find English signage throughout the hospital, most documents (e.g. doctors and fees schedules, medicine instruction sheets, admission and consent forms, etc.) in English, and staff proficient in several languages ready to assist with translation if necessary. The hospital also set up an English website and two blogs to inform foreigners living in Taiwan and abroad about its services and activities.

Patients who travel to Min-Sheng General Hospital from overseas for surgical packages organized by the hospital’s International Health care Center are assigned an English speaking case manager who assists them at every step of their stay, ensuring seamless service and a comfortable experience.

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