Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Unheralded Hero. Lab Technician Mr. Chang has been donating blood for years

During Min-Sheng General Hospital’s 35th anniversary celebrations a 33 years old lab technician, Mr. Chang Song-Haw, was commended for his long term contribution to hundreds of patients who need blood transfusions. During the past 10 years, he has donated his blood about 280 times, providing nearly 70,000 c.c. of blood platelets. Giving blood every other week, it has become a habit of Mr. Chang’s daily life, and as a lab technician it has become a second career.

His determination began when Mr. Chang served in the military in Kin-Men where medical resources were very limited. After witnessing servicemen lose their life due to a lack of available transfusion blood, Mr. Chang became committed to save other’s lives by donating his own blood. After completing his military service, he became a frequent guest at blood donation stations.

What Mr. Chang donated was not regular whole blood but blood platelets. This usually makes for a more painful experience and a longer recovery time. The needles used to draw blood have left marks and scars on his arms, but Mr. Chang says with a smile of accomplishment: “Although it hurts, I will still keep doing it. A little piece contributed by everyone will make a big difference to make the world better”.

His persistence truly makes him an unheralded hero who deserves recognition.

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