Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Houspital, the New Concept of Promoting Smart Care

With advances in medical technology, tele-monitoring medical products have become the latest trend in the medical community. A new vision for long-distance care has been established by intelligent medical technology companies utilizing high quality medical care and advances in information technology.

Smart Care Inc., a subsidiary of the Min-Sheng Group, has invested heavily in technological development and manufacturing. Strengthened by the backing of Min-Sheng’s internationally certified medical team, Smart Care has been able to provide the public with high quality, personalized medical care.

During the a ceremony at the company, Intelligent Medicine Chairman Yang Min-Sheng stated that “the family room, remote management,” the so called Houspital (House + Hospital), brings the wisdom of establishing an innovative care model which allows patients at home the continuity of long-distance home care services, along with the hospital’s professional health care team, achieving higher quality care and creating new industries.

General Manager, Xu Min-Xin said that the firm will provide Taiwan with professional care skills and experience in long-distance care, from the home side of physiological measurement equipment to information technology service care platforms to back-end services and the tele-care Total Solution. The company will serve more long-term care patients, chronic patients, and discharged patients. By the end of the year, Smart Care expects to have served up to 500 patients.

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