Monday, November 30, 2009

The Second Min-Sheng Cup Youth Baseball Tournament Held in Longtan

On November 15, the Min-Sheng Health Care System sponsored the 2nd Min-Sheng Cup Youth Baseball Tournament at the Elephant Brothers’ baseball stadium in Longtan. To promote physical fitness activities, the Min-Sheng Cup Little League Final Four began in the morning. Afterward, world class cheerleading performances by Wu Han School ignited the atmosphere around the stadium. Then, Chairman Yang awarded the winners and expressed his sincere gratitude to those who attended the event.

Additionally, system staff members and their families made up 20 teams which took part in numerous baseball related activities, inducing feelings of joy and stimulating the team spirit of cooperation.

To conclude the festivities, all participating players, coaches, referees and colleagues threw their Min-Sheng Cup commemorative baseball caps in the air at the same time, culminating in a perfect ending. But, Min-Sheng’s commitment to baseball and physical fitness will continue. Chairman Yang concluded by calling for private and public sectors to work together to give domestic baseball a better environment and continue to shine.

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