Thursday, October 8, 2009

President and COO of China Connection Global Healthcare visit Min-Sheng Hospital

Miss Ruth Lycke and Mr. David Mair, respectively President and COO of China Connection Global Healthcare visited Min-Sheng Hospital early this month.
They were accompanied by Miss Grace Chen, CEO of Med Tourist Center and Mr. Warren Chen of Breita Technology.

China Connection Global Healthcare (CCGH) was the first Destination Healthcare Provider to coordinate treatment in China for international patients. CCGH is based in the American Midwest, and directs operations in China from its office in Tianjin.

China Connection Global Healthcare focuses mostly on Chinese and alternative medicine treatment for stroke victims and patients with neurological problems. However, they have recently extended their scope and decided to include more conventional procedures like cardiac, bariatric and orthopedic surgery.

Attracted by the quality of care available in this Taiwan, China Connection Global Healthcare is in the process of selecting a partner hospital in Taiwan to handle those cases. Executives from CCGH came to Min-Sheng Hospital to evaluate first hand the capabilities and processes, of one of Taiwan’s leading hospitals.

The visitors, who have a long experience and understanding of the health care and insurance industries, were very impressed by Min-Sheng’s commitment to safe and quality care, and the structure that it has developed to deal with foreign patients.

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