Sunday, May 31, 2009

Min-Sheng Healthcare System and Kai Nan University Sign Agreement

Health care is one of Taiwan’s star industries. On May 21, 2009, the Min-Sheng Healthcare System and Kainan University gathered together in the Min-Sheng General Hospital conference room to sign an agreement which will enhance education and teaching, as well as the publication of academic research capabilities.

Additionally, the two sides will engage in community service, hospital internships, teaching support and academic research, and medical technology training. Kai Nan and Min-Sheng have also jointly established three departments, including the Seniors Health Department, the Department of Nutrition, and the Seniors Health Promotion Department. Min-Sheng will provide Kai Nan University with lecturers, such as VP Li Wei-Jie, VP Chen Peng-Xuan, Dr. Wang Xian-Guo, Dr. Chen Tai-Qi, Dr. Wei Tian-Shan, Dr. Zhang Jian-Zhi, Dr. Su Min-Zheng, Dr. Wei Ri-Hua, and so on. Through resource sharing and talent exchange, both parties are looking forward to becoming rising stars within the medical industry.

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