Sunday, May 10, 2009

Actuarial Society of Medical Scholars to Hold Long-term Care Seminar

In response to the needs of an aging society, the Taiwan government has been actively promoting programs such as the Long-term Care System Pilot Program, and the New Century Health Care Plan. A long-term care insurance system for senior citizens has become a topic of hot debate. In line with government policies, the Actuarial Society of Medical Scholars and Experts will hold a seminar on May 21, 2009 to discuss the topics of long-term care insurance and the future of elder care.

The Actuarial Society of the Republic of China relies on the knowledge of interdisciplinary sciences and statistical mathematics to implement the rational use of medical resources. Min-Sheng Health Care System Chairman, Dr. Yang Min-Sheng, has been the chairman of the Actuarial Society for more than four years.

He pointed out that the Actuarial Society will hold its sixth annual meeting in order to discuss topics, such as the association’s future direction, the development planning for this year, new member qualifications, the annual meeting date, and Taiwan’s long-term care industry and insurance plan meeting

Additionally, the May 21st seminar will include topics such as Taiwan’s long-term care insurance and long-term care industry and the utilization of remote care, or U-Care. It is hoped that the meeting will lay the ground work for a long-term academic insurance study that will be completed with three years. The study aims to educate people and lead to the construction of a complete long-term care system which will meet the diverse needs of the elderly community.

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