Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Primary Care Physicians Join Min-Sheng's U-Care Project

Min-Sheng has expanded its operations into the senior tele-care field, and has invited 23 primary care physicians to participate in the "U-Care" home care alliance project. Min-Sheng collaborates with several industrial and academic partners to apply this U-Care project from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Under the U-Care project, primary care physicians play an important role in forming the "Core Center," a senior care service platform, and directly provide care to senior citizens within the community. Through the operation of the Core Center and several electronic devices, physicians can continuously monitor and analyze seniors' physiological data as reference of diagnosis or early intervention. Physicians will also proactively contact seniors if any unusual data is found. Min-Sheng currently runs five "Integrated Delivery System (IDS) Primary Care Physician Groups" including 37 physicians in 34 clinics.

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