Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lily Chen Turns Tables on Long Term Care Management

Only three months after joining Yee-Der Long Term Care Center, Lily Chen had stopped its long-lasting deficit, and enabled the center to reach full capacity and financial breakeven in January 2008. According to Lily Chen, always being determined, committed, and grasping key strategies are her secrets to success.
Lily Chen's excellent performance comes from her wide range of health care management experience, including nursing, insurance, information, accounting, strategic planning, public relations and marketing.
Ms. Chen went on to say that the key strategies used to boost Yee-Der's census were creating better internal communication and teamwork, improving care quality and increasing resident satisfaction, enhancing marketing and expanding customer channels, and building up community interaction. Lily Chen also aptly utilizes resources from the Min-Sheng Healthcare System as sources of backup.

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