Monday, April 6, 2009

Dr. Lin Zong-Xi to Lead Yi Jen Hospital into New Era

Era Min-Sheng Health Care System’s Yi Jen Hospital will celebrate its 12th anniversary this year by introducing a new executive: Dr। Lin Zong-Xi। He will serve as both hospital superintendent and chairman, in addition to maintaining his role as VP of the overall sytem।  

Dr। Lin Zong-Xi has worked for the Min-Sheng Health Care System for 30 years and brings a wealth of experience to his new role। He was previously superintendent of Jin Shan Hospital and the general manager of Min-Sheng medical control। Dr। Lin stated that the MS health Care System is getting stronger every day with its emphasis on patient centered medicine। He added that his goal is to provide even better medical serviceस्य्स्तेम।Chairman Yang Min-Sheng said that under the guidance of Lin, Yi Jen Hospital will develop a new atmosphere। He also said that the hospital already has a strong foundation, but the addition of Dr. Lin will make the group even stronger and enable it to better serve the greater Yang Mei area.

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