Monday, October 27, 2008

Professor Tingfang Liu Appointed Senior Consultant at Min-Sheng's Hainan Operation

To strengthen the Min-Sheng Health Care System and to enhance communication and cooperation with the Hainan health care system, a hospital management expert, Professor Tingfang Liu, has been appointed as a senior consultant at Min-Sheng। He will also assist in the development and promotion of Min-Sheng in China।

Professor Liu served as the president of the Hospital Association in the Hainan province। He was given a very warm reception by Min-Sheng's CEO, Dr। Fred Yang, and other colleagues. During the reception, Professor Liu stated that he hoped that through Dr. Yang's wealth of experience, he could help improve the quality of care and help bring about scientific and standardized management practices to mainland Chinese hospitals and health care.

During Professor Liu's speech, he touched on mainland China's accreditation system and other challenges। He also pointed out that the alliance of Min-Sheng and the Changjiang Second People's Hospital could be a turning point। Besides helping Taiwan's Min-Sheng Hospital promote mainland China's medical management and services, the alliance would also enable development of the health sanitation industry through enhanced quality promotion। Moreover, it would not only benefit senior level management, but also the development of the entire mainland Chinese medical industry.

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